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Anonymous said: how do you know when someone loves you unconditionally instead of conditionally?


Their action tells the truth. In order to love unconditionally, these PEOPLE have to know love isn’t an emotion. They have to stop basing love on their temporary feelings. People with unconditional love know Love is their CHOICE. If love is conditional, it’s not love. It’s a positive emotion. True love is unconditional love. Love based on emotion will never last UNLESS you can control your own emotion. Feelings are temporary, it comes and it may go. That’s how feelings are. Feelings are simply result of what you are believing, it’s not even love. We Earth human beings are calling/defining these warm positive feelings as love. But if love is your choice, it will last or not, simply it is your choice. You choose to give your LOVE (affection) to someone/object. If you are making some reason to love something, or someone, your form of love is a lot limited and it’s very conditional and it will end when feelings (you calling love) faded away, or changed into something else. However if you are CHOOSING to give your love unconditionally, making it stop or continue, whichever is simply your choice. There’s no end unless you choose it. And most importantly, in order to give someone your unconditional love, you have to be LOVING yourself unconditionally. How can you give something you don’t even have? Unconditional love is simply as the word describes, you choose to give love unconscionably without making any reasons to do so. All you do is choose to do it unconditionally, because that’s simply what you want to do and make that person happy by giving your deepest affection. For the Universe, everything is your choice, nothing more than that.

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the problem with me is that i care too much about what others think of me & it literally kills me 

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The Neighbourhood | Raleigh, NC

photos by Guillermo Quetzalcoatl

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